*How to push your files to github*

As i had done in my previous blog post. Moving furthur, let here i am creating a file named abc.txt

Go to terminal,

cd gittest/


nano abc. txt

nano is command for creating new file. And then click enter

Now, enter your code . I am here simply entering hie git.

press ctrl+o and enter to save it. Then, ctrl+x to exit.

To read it once again just enter nano abc.txt and again ctrl+x to exit.

Now, to add this file to git. We will follow same procedure as we had did in previous blog.

git add abc.txt

and then commit this file to git using

git commit -m “I am adding next file”

and then,

git remote add origin https://github.com/dsdeeptisharma/gittest.git

and then,

git push -u origin master

Now on your dashboard click on your directory name and now you will see two files.



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