Repairing Grub (With Internet)

Today I helped Ramanjot in repairing her System’s grub menu as she want to work on Windows.

Though I had also tried it first time ,thats why was little bit nervous also as it wasn’t my Laptop. But hoping for the best I tried doing this and it gave me positive results 🙂

Below are the steps which I had followed:

First of all, What is a Grub?

Grub is basically a  loader that is executed before operating system loads. Grub includes the different operating systems’ entries to choose from.

  1. Firstly Insert a live USB into laptop(You can check how to make a USB bootable by refering to my first blog post i.e dual booting)
  2. Now in that choose ‘Try Ubuntu’.
  3. Type below commands on terminal:

   sudo add-apt-repository ppa:yannubuntu/boot-repair
“This command is for adding boot-repair”

  sudo apt-get update

“To update your repository type”

sudo apt-get install -y boot-repair

“Above is for installing boot-repair”


“This is to run boot-repair”

Now, it will scan your system for some time. Then it shows 2 options:

Recommend Repair

Create a BootInfo Summary

Now click on Recommended Repair option. Then it will start repairing the grub.

During the process, the boot-repair utility will open some GUI (Graphical User Interface) windows to ask you some information about your drive on which Ubuntu was installed. If you can differentiate between the hard drives then press tab to go to menu and press space to select a drive and press tab and enter to continue. If you don’t know on which drive your Ubuntu was, then select all drives. Then it will install grub to all hard drives.
Make sure all the commands runs correctly, if a command doesn’t successfully executes then re-write (Press the Up arrow button to view last entered commands) the command and press Enter.

“It will ask to remove previous grub and install new and shows some of the commands in GUI for doing that. Follow the steps which the GUI is indicating.”


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