A New Beginning

I was thinking to write down my thoughts from few days, finally got the chance today.

I absorbed many of the new things in this weekend. Starting with Design Aids Project (Mainly LaTeX), How to get started with a good Business Proposal, as my team had cleared the first phase of B-plan competition.

This exhilarates the spark in me to move further with some of the new tasks.

Apart from all above gossip :p

I converted a png image into a .txt file as I need it for LaTeX project.

Do refer OCR for seeing the steps.

Apart from this I completed Hacktoberfest  Challange too and got a mail from Digital Ocean for a new tee 😀

I worked upon improving Readme files, about Resume in LaTeX. A little bit about general information addition in the documentation regarding few topics.

Overall it was good spending time with GitHub :p 😉


But still, I found that last 2 weeks were not that much productive as it can be. So again on the track now after clearing all of the stuff in which I was indulged from few days.

.. 🙂 ..