Let’s Go with Go Language

Go (also referred as golang) is a free and open-source programming language developed by Google. It mainly came into existence during November 2009.

It is a compiled, statically typed language in the tradition of Algol and C.with

It has no. of features like:

  • Garbage Collection
  • Limited Structural typing
  • Memory Safety
  • Style Concurrent Programming (CSP)

For making your interest to grow in this language, let’s see some of the implementations existing till date.

  • Gocloud is a cloud services library written in Go language developed at Scorelab.
  • Used by many Google Applications
  • Google’s Go compiler, “gc”
  • Another compiler, gccgo, is a GCC frontend.
  • Docker is written in Go, along with many other projects in the Docker ecosystem.

One of the major implementation is that Go language is used in many cloud based applications like gocloud.

Just give a look to gocloud 😉

Go language is written for the cloud basically. It has been growing in popularity because of its mastery of concurrent operations and the beauty of its construction. It’s rising with coming time.


Now let’s see some of the Advantages of using Go for cloud-based Applications :

  • Firstly there are many projects which are using Go.  You can see here
  • What do popular projects like Docker, Heroku’s Force.com and Cloud Foundry’s Router all have in common? They’re all written in golang
  • There are many other dominating languages like Java etc. but Go is still spreading widely because of its mastery of concurrent operations and the beauty of its construction
  • It’s modern standard library make it a great fit for cloud software
  • Infrastructure companies like Google, CloudFlare, Canonical, Digital Ocean, GitHub, Heroku, and Microsoft etc. are now using Go.

Still thinking Why Go for Go?

  • Go delivers concurrency with the “static execution speed of C or C++” and with “a more compositional feel, a script kind of feel.”
  • It is possible to compile a large Go program in a few seconds on a single computer.
  • Go proposes an approach for the construction of system software on multicore machines.
  • It avoids much of the overhead of C-style include files and libraries and much more …

Wanna know Go more? Be a friend of Go using golang tutorial. Just play with Go Playground for getting to grips with the code.




You will probably fall in love with the beauty of the language itself 🙂



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