First Day (Beginning)

As our college has decided to give us all a mandatory training for about 10 days which will be related to new and trending technical tools used according to Industrial point of view. So, I am gonna write about the session and my experience through over.

Today was the first interactive session delieved by Inder Mohan Singh. I am really impressed about the things which he have done in his life till now. He is a passed out from our college itself and have been a freelancer(which he mentioned as the utmost reason behind learning new things daily.) He is having a startup and is a front end deleveloper over there.He has written a book, Plus he is having a job in Austria and have been called an an expert speaker in many countries.

Isn’t it huge? Yes, obviously.

Mr. Sukhjit Singh sehra was the one who is introducing this session to us. He has told about some technologies like LaTeX, Git etc.

Here the technical + Interactice session begin:

The session was related to Ionic Development (Plus some extra things.)

What is Ionic Development?

Ionic development is a technology which helps in creating Mobile Application using web deveopment languages HTML5 and CSS (Typically Scss : It is superset of CSS3 which provides a coding language touch to CSS by inducing classes,variable etc in it.)

Ionic Development is build on the head of Angular JS and Cordova.

Cordova is same as Phonegap, it’s a tool which make cross platform apps being used by Ionic UI Library.



Ionic is much related to Java script(with slight change.) It uses es-6, which is ECMAScript (or ES). ES is a standard scripting language being used by JS, Action script etc.

He has also talked about evolution of JS, Why Javascript?

As java was really popular at time time, So just to attract users , Brendan Eich (JS developer) named it as Java-Script.

We were also being introduced to node.js (which provides backend facilities just like PHP etc. for creating native applications or sites.)

Another interesting thing which I get to know is about Transpilers.

We can take a case of Ionic in which we can define custom tags. How does the browser will get to know about the functionality of those tags?

Here the role of transpilers came into play, tools are being introduces which convert this syntax into browser supported format. These tools are called as Transpilers.

Also for SCSS, it’s converted into CSS3 syntax by the transpiler to make it into use practically. Babal is used for conversion of es-6 to es-5.

To embark with Ionic, one can visit :

P.S: I like the test conducting schdule after the session.





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