Key to Success

Hello, everyone. Today I am not gonna share stuff related to technology or my daily experience. I am here to write anything (literally anything) using some new words I have encountered today. Trust me it will definitely improve your vocabulary and is indispensable for those who want to build his/her skills. You want to overcome your fear? Do you feel a little inferior or not confident enough to face the stage? Wanna be a public speaker? Or any other similar kind of thing. The kick start is nothing else, just stop procrastinating your work. Do not delay anything by making excuses that you are being ingrained with such kind of habits and now it’s really difficult to get over them.
There is no such thing like Impossible, it’s just the matter of choice and priority.
Even Impossible says, “I’M Possible”
Being lethargic is another thing, but keep on lounging day by day is really not acceptable. Try to embrace every sought of thing you encounter in your routine. Just learn things from that because everything around is teaching us something.
Don’t be afraid at all. Even if you are in a dilemma, then quitting won’t help. If you don’t, then someone else will surely jeopardize things for a start. There are chances that you will get success if you are courageous enough to jump into the pool. Otherwise, you are on the safer side and it’s a NO to a bright future already. So, just keep doing and keep growing.
Even if you fail, then you have come across 10,000 reasons which won’t work. (Never Stop) This is nothing else but your experience. You have gained a lot already. (Believe me)
There is a common example we watch around. Whenever we are out, most of the people try to haggle things at the shopping store, grocery market etc. There isn’t a surety that the shopkeeper will bargain the things but still, we try. Why? Because we want best out of least. (Yes, we want to save our money.)
This concept works in this case. But in terms of success, we can’t get best out of least. One has to put a lot of effort to achieve something bigger in his/her life. Nothing worth came easier.
So just stop going for shortcuts, or believing the myths that these things will help, because in a long run it won’t. Once these habits will be infused within you, it will be difficult to go through them. (Again not impossible)
So avoid these temporary relaxation things, and go for permanent wonders.
Dreams do come true if seen from open eyes (not at the time of being drowsy r sleeping.)

Remember, “No Gain, Without Pain” 🙂




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