Why is the majority Average?

Are we meant to be average minded? No.

Just because Average people are better than others under them, doesn’t mean you have accomplished everything in your life.

Today, a thought just passed by my mind left me unanswered. So here I am annotating the fact .

We always feel amazed, surprised or even shocked by seeing multitalented personalities around us and land up giving statements like some are god gifted, few are book-worms etc. etc.

Really? Every child is god gifted. So, if they can excel, so can you.

Nothing worth comes easily dear. Indeed, they are excelling, because they are pushing themselves beyond limits. They are dedicated enough to reach heights. They are away from all the distractions.

These are just few points (or can say there secret to success) :

  • Daily work to enhance their ken.
  • Being subtle for achieving their Goals.
  • Rising like trough to crust. (Only because of hard work)
  • Passion and Dedication are the secret keys to their anomaly.
  • Hustle until you get it.

This is just the trailor. The subtle reason behind the excellence is learning from mistakes and courage to get up each time you fall.

The Majority is average because they aren’t putting their careers at first priority (atleast at right time.) We are being deviated by alot of distractions.

So, just gear up. Prove the world, more importantly prove yourself that you are worth it.


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