Daily Dose!

Hey folks!

Today I encountered with a strange problem. Few days back I was installing Ubuntu 16.04.01 VM. Today when I operated it, I noticed that it was reading something else against my keywords.

Example: Though I was typing ?, but it was displaying .

I was really bumfuzzled and then I realised it’s happening because of an exception in keyboard configuration. To solve my issue I gave command:

dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration

ooh la la :p  It worked.

The other thing I came across with is IP conflict. I cloned a VM and not I was getting same IP address for two parallel VM’s.

For getting rid of this, I shut down a VM and went to:

Settings -> Network -> Advanced -> MAC Address Refresh

Matter solved 🙂

I also get to know about a way to publish a static webpage on github. You can follow this procedure: https://pages.github.com/

Apart from this, for downloading a whole website using wget, go for:

wget –random-wait -r -p robots=off -U mozilla www.example.com

Also, I wanted to change content in no. of files. What I need id to replace .html with .php. So I used:

sed -i 's/.html/.php/g' *.html

You may go through my old blog related to sed: https://deepti96.wordpress.com/2016/04/05/sed-command/

I also installed Rocket Chat on Ubuntu today.

One can follow :

apt-get install mongodb

systemctl enable mongodb
systemctl start mongodb

Apart from this, I get back to ERPNext for GST Forms and for migrating the changes donw on a single server to other, What I followed: Backup and Restore

I have to rename a database as the name was creating a conflict.

Documentation: Dropbox

To unzip a .sql.gz file:

gzip -d a.sql.gz



Less time, More Output!

Hey folks!
Have you ever felt astonished being hearing about persons giving excellence in every work they do. Do you have heard about their schedule of sleeping less and working more? Are you also following the same but not getting the expected result?
Then you are at right place my friends. There can be myriad ways for managing your time, here I am going to annotate an excerpt from the list.
Et Voila!
The factors are mainly a trio:

  • Diet
  • Mental Work
  • Rest

A proper diet is certainly an indispensable thing as having unhygienic food will make you suffer. Stay Healthy, Stay Wealthy 😉

The other vital aspect is one’s mental ability to do work.  Every individual is having 24 hours to get the best out of each day. It just depends upon your Vision, efforts (Hard + Smart work) to be an exception.

Stop yelling, complaining about your situations. Despite just bloom where you are planted 😉

One must exercise daily, meditate to be mentally fit. One can opt for any type like Yoga, Dance, Skipping or anything else.

The last but not the least term is : REST.

Can you imagine working in a worst condition? Will you be able to get a fruitful output in a high fever?

Obviously, No.

A human body demands for Rest. It depends upon the person to make his body be adaptive to certain behaviour.

It won’t be like a click to start waking up around 5 in the morning everyday if your body is in practice of getting up at 7. You have to work gradually by making a habit to reduce your sleeping span. Start waking half an hour before of your regular schedule. Slowly you will notice that your body is getting habitual.

For excelling in any field, the crucial point is to get out of your shell 🙂

Even I am too a passenger yet ….

Good Luck! 🙂






Facing the fact!

Hello folks! Today I am here with a really important topic and one which is indispensable to talk about.

Have you ever felt low or belittle? being insulted?

Well, this is a thing which no one wants to encounter with in their whole life. Still, we are not acquainted with the stuff coming in our way. How will you react if someone is making you feel annoyed?

The first and the utmost thing, we can opt is IGNORANCE. Just ignore all the negativity around you and focus on your goal.

Still, It can happen in our daily life, that at some point we come across a person whom we really need to talk despite of knowing their displeasing nature (No harsh comments)

What can we do in this case? Again just forget about it? Well, No.

Go and talk about your problem and if you are feeling the other person is all set to throw the comments on you again. Either you can start lounging and think about how dare he/she said that? Am I that bad? etc etc.

Or you can act in a witty manner.

Et Voila! 🙂

If one acts in a funnier way, without being affected what the other person is saying. Then trust me, he will never gonna provoke you again. Do you like to do a work which is having no use case? Akin to this, insulter’s job is to push to down and if he is watching himself getting failed (as if you are not feeling upset at all), trust me he will never try to do so. Everyone wants to be economical 😉

Another thing you can go with is, inspite of starting an argument, build a discussion. If the other person is trying to say something, Listen, understand and then Act 🙂

Question him that why he thinks so? Example: If someone is saying this product is not worth buying. Ask him what are the faults instead of pitching about it’s perfectness.

Build a discussion, not an argument.

Take it as an opportunity that someone has shown you a path to betterment. Grab the chance, and make the best out of it 🙂