Love or Lust?

Let’s speak on this topic, there is no need to hide and why/what are we hiding?

We all know that there are numerous cases nowadays in which a girl/boy is committing suicide or goes into drinking and other stuff which is making their lives totally vague. What’s the reason? Just being ditched, or a broken heart or can be many other things.

Why were you into that kind of relationship which is just a relation-“shit”. It will just make you negative. Life is having way more things instead of crying over petty things. You need to be selfish sometimes and that’s not bad (trust me) unless it’s breaking someone, find the difference between the genuine ones and others.

Later on, you will realize that everything happened for a reason. If it’s not a gift then it’s a lesson ..

What is love?

  • Love is what a MOTHER do for her CHILD :’)
  • Love is what your father has done throughout just to fulfill your every basic need 🙂
  • Love is that sweet and spicy bond we share with our siblings 😉
  • Love is being yourself with your loved ones instead of pretending to be on no. 1 on his/her list.
  • Love is being a reason behind someone’s smile… (Try doing something for an orphan once, that feeling of happiness is beyond perfect)
  • Love is doing your favorite work and getting awesome blossom results after struggling

Basically, love can’t be explained within few words, sentences or paragraph. It’s a feeling (A pure connection) which is a beautiful phase of life.

And if it’s not the reason behind your happy ending, then it’s not Love. Maybe it’s a fraud, wrong no. (As PK says :p)

So, just don’t go nuts because of any stupid reason. Think about your family and loved ones. You are really important to them and so is your happiness.

They just want to see you smile… Dude! What’s the use of those 32 white teeth (instead of eating :p ) if you are not showing them because of some temporary silly reasons…

So, just eat and say cheese… SMILE 😉

Grow up, guys..  Life is a beautiful gift given by God to each one of us. Make it count. Indulge yourself in the area of your interest and make that lesson a reason behind your will to do something. Get motivated DAILY and you will surely rock one day 🙂

Surround yourself with positive minded people, who understands you and whom you feel comfortable with. There is no need to put a mask on your face to impress someone. Your simplicity is enough for the right person 🙂


P.S: Life is a Beautiful Journey ❤