Facing the fact!

Hello folks! Today I am here with a really important topic and one which is indispensable to talk about.

Have you ever felt low or belittle? being insulted?

Well, this is a thing which no one wants to encounter with in their whole life. Still, we are not acquainted with the stuff coming in our way. How will you react if someone is making you feel annoyed?

The first and the utmost thing, we can opt is IGNORANCE. Just ignore all the negativity around you and focus on your goal.

Still, It can happen in our daily life, that at some point we come across a person whom we really need to talk despite of knowing their displeasing nature (No harsh comments)

What can we do in this case? Again just forget about it? Well, No.

Go and talk about your problem and if you are feeling the other person is all set to throw the comments on you again. Either you can start lounging and think about how dare he/she said that? Am I that bad? etc etc.

Or you can act in a witty manner.

Et Voila! 🙂

If one acts in a funnier way, without being affected what the other person is saying. Then trust me, he will never gonna provoke you again. Do you like to do a work which is having no use case? Akin to this, insulter’s job is to push to down and if he is watching himself getting failed (as if you are not feeling upset at all), trust me he will never try to do so. Everyone wants to be economical 😉

Another thing you can go with is, inspite of starting an argument, build a discussion. If the other person is trying to say something, Listen, understand and then Act 🙂

Question him that why he thinks so? Example: If someone is saying this product is not worth buying. Ask him what are the faults instead of pitching about it’s perfectness.

Build a discussion, not an argument.

Take it as an opportunity that someone has shown you a path to betterment. Grab the chance, and make the best out of it 🙂


Why is the majority Average?

Are we meant to be average minded? No.

Just because Average people are better than others under them, doesn’t mean you have accomplished everything in your life.

Today, a thought just passed by my mind left me unanswered. So here I am annotating the fact .

We always feel amazed, surprised or even shocked by seeing multitalented personalities around us and land up giving statements like some are god gifted, few are book-worms etc. etc.

Really? Every child is god gifted. So, if they can excel, so can you.

Nothing worth comes easily dear. Indeed, they are excelling, because they are pushing themselves beyond limits. They are dedicated enough to reach heights. They are away from all the distractions.

These are just few points (or can say there secret to success) :

  • Daily work to enhance their ken.
  • Being subtle for achieving their Goals.
  • Rising like trough to crust. (Only because of hard work)
  • Passion and Dedication are the secret keys to their anomaly.
  • Hustle until you get it.

This is just the trailor. The subtle reason behind the excellence is learning from mistakes and courage to get up each time you fall.

The Majority is average because they aren’t putting their careers at first priority (atleast at right time.) We are being deviated by alot of distractions.

So, just gear up. Prove the world, more importantly prove yourself that you are worth it.

Key to Success

Hello, everyone. Today I am not gonna share stuff related to technology or my daily experience. I am here to write anything (literally anything) using some new words I have encountered today. Trust me it will definitely improve your vocabulary and is indispensable for those who want to build his/her skills. You want to overcome your fear? Do you feel a little inferior or not confident enough to face the stage? Wanna be a public speaker? Or any other similar kind of thing. The kick start is nothing else, just stop procrastinating your work. Do not delay anything by making excuses that you are being ingrained with such kind of habits and now it’s really difficult to get over them.
There is no such thing like Impossible, it’s just the matter of choice and priority.
Even Impossible says, “I’M Possible”
Being lethargic is another thing, but keep on lounging day by day is really not acceptable. Try to embrace every sought of thing you encounter in your routine. Just learn things from that because everything around is teaching us something.
Don’t be afraid at all. Even if you are in a dilemma, then quitting won’t help. If you don’t, then someone else will surely jeopardize things for a start. There are chances that you will get success if you are courageous enough to jump into the pool. Otherwise, you are on the safer side and it’s a NO to a bright future already. So, just keep doing and keep growing.
Even if you fail, then you have come across 10,000 reasons which won’t work. (Never Stop) This is nothing else but your experience. You have gained a lot already. (Believe me)
There is a common example we watch around. Whenever we are out, most of the people try to haggle things at the shopping store, grocery market etc. There isn’t a surety that the shopkeeper will bargain the things but still, we try. Why? Because we want best out of least. (Yes, we want to save our money.)
This concept works in this case. But in terms of success, we can’t get best out of least. One has to put a lot of effort to achieve something bigger in his/her life. Nothing worth came easier.
So just stop going for shortcuts, or believing the myths that these things will help, because in a long run it won’t. Once these habits will be infused within you, it will be difficult to go through them. (Again not impossible)
So avoid these temporary relaxation things, and go for permanent wonders.
Dreams do come true if seen from open eyes (not at the time of being drowsy r sleeping.)

Remember, “No Gain, Without Pain” 🙂



Stealing Era

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We are in this modern era where everyone participates in thievery. We all are a huge fan of Larry Tesler because of his invention of copy and paste commands. Its is so beneficial in some ways but not in every sense.

I saw a movie Udta Punjab while I was coming back from my Goa trip in my cell phone. I was really impressed by Alia’s acting in that movie. It is a fine movie and I was stunned by watching the harsh reality of Punjab under addiction.

Its not the case related to Punjab only, infact it is happening in every sector.

Now coming to the point, we all know that the movie was leaked by the Censor board before its release date. And thats what I am talking about is stealing someone’s hardwork and distributing it among others is illegal. No one has right to distroy others efforts, even if the intentions behind the success is money. (which I guess is the intention behind most of the people)

My main intention behind writing this blog is firstly that this is purely unlawful to steal someone’s work at the cost of his loss. Secondly where is that nation? that Land of five waters (Punjab) which is now drastically converting into a land of poison 😦

X Just Say no to Drugs X

“You don’t need heroin to be Hero”

Thievery: Action of stealing another person’s property

commensurate: In proportion

euphemism: too harsh

Amusement: Entertainment

Get high on life, Not drugs!


C language: OOP or not?

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Before writing this blog my belief was that C is a procedural language and another one C with classes (C++) is an object oriented programming language designed by BJarne Stroustrup.

But thats not so. We can take it in two ways either to go with C++ thinking that C doesn’t provides OOP features or take it as a challange to go with C making it an OOP language.

I had read it somewhere that structs & unions in C are far similar to classes in C++. Only difference I found is that by default the access specifier in classes is private but in case of structs & unions it’s public.

Then I thought it need some advance knowledg for completing this challange. But that’s not the case. The basic knowledge which I am having till now is enough.

One need to go through the following topics to challenge oneself.

  • Pointers
  • Structs
  • Function
  • Dynamic Memory Allocation
  • Function Pointers
  • Typedef

    Once you are done with above topics you can go ahead. In case you want to have a brief introduction you may visit this tutorial   

    beef: complaint 

    convoluted: twisted 

    notion: belief 


    A story of linux kernel

    Linux. A kernel normally used by many of the computer persons.You will rarely see a person who is unaware of the term Linux. From perspective of a computer simpleton the one who uses linux mostly shall be having a good knowledge regarding the working of shell,kernel etc.

    Linux was created by Linus Torvalds. One of a gem of computer scientist who is popular for his OS.

    Linus was one of the student in Finland and had read a book Operating Systems: Design and Implementation by Andrew S. Tanenbaum, (a professor at some university in USA. I hadn’t put much stress on this as facts are facts. You can google it.)

    In this book the professor explained about th working of Kernel. To my strange is that he had given the whole source code of his kernel named MINIX in that book. Its really weird but acts as a lucky draw for LInus who took interest in this and with the help of MINIX he created a new OS named Linux. He had told about Andrew in his acknowledgement.

    Even Andrew congrats Linus on his success but later on it transformed in a flame war as a question arised that whether the monolithic approach (Linux) is better or the microkernel one (MINIX).

    Monolitic approach LInux was dependent upon x86 architecture and furthur both gave their best opinions regarding their OS in the debate.

    The debate was even published in  an O’Reilly Media book Open Sources: Voices from the Open Source Revolution in 1999, deeming this to be a perfect example of “the way the world was thinking about OS design at the time”.

    It promise to be an interesting read. I will give a shot to this book one day for sure.

    You may have a look at  Wiki Article also.

    Unfathomable: Immeasurable

    Influential: Powerful

    Prowess: Skill

    Grasp: A firm hold or grip

    Intended: Purposeful

    Benevolent: Serving a charitable rather than a profit-making purpose

    Blatantly: Completely

    Auspicious: Hopeful

    innocuous: Non Offensive

    Seemingly: As far as one knows

    Sour: Unpleasant

    Efficacy: The ability to produce a desired or intended result

    fallacy: Mistaken belief

    Rendering: Replying to an action

    enraged: Angry

    epitome: A perfect example




    I had made my below link using this content

    One of the most important benefit of having a machine doing our job is its speed and the trust we are having about the completion of the work.

    For most of us productivity of a computer is not dependent upon its ability but its related to our imagination. Talking about myself no matter how hard we try but for a computer that work is even not a feet. Computers are basically meant to do hard and smart work. Our job is to give challanges to the machine. One category of these challanges is Multitasking.

    A computer (Mainly with single processor and memory) can not do multiple tasks at same time. But don’t take it too seriously, we humans neither take it also :p

    Infact multitasking in computers and real life is just an illusion. It’s nothing but just the speed and flexibility to smoothly switch between multiple tasks. And one thing that we all need is Synchronisation.

    Synchronization we all know is just an agreement between coexisting things to work concurrently. Same is in case of computers which does multiple jobs of a same process (Threads). These share computer resources like Processor, Memory etc.

    As such this sharing sometimes turns into competition leading for certain tasks to freeze (Deadlock). In other words it hinders the completion of certain tasks.

    So now the million dollar question is how to make these threads coordinate with each other so that sharing is done synchronously. Semaphores is one of the answer for above question.

    A common example of a semaphore is the traffic head light. It has only three colors which build a communicating link between roads and the vehicles.

    In computing semaphore is a variable associated with a resource. This variable decides whether the resource shall be assigned to the process or not.

    The value of a semaphore is integer in nature. This value is never used directly by the programmer or the program. We can only increment it or decrement it.

    Below are the basic steps which a Thread can do with respect to semaphores:

    • Ask for access to a resource. This is generally called as wait.
    • Keeping an access to a resource. This is generally called a Signal.

    The Wait is basically grant of the access to the resource or remain in the waiting state till the completion of current Thread. The wait function decreases the value of the semaphore by one. And if after decrementing the value, the semaphore is still a positive quantity, the access is granted to that thread

    An example about semaphores working is that if initially its value is 10. Then that means 10 threads can call the wait function of that semaphore and those threads will be assigned the resource if there are 10 copies of that particular resource.

    In other words value of semaphore indicates about the no. of copies of a resource.

    On the other side if value of semaphore is negative after decrementation it means that the particular thread has to wait in a queue as that resource is being assigned to some other thread. In other words that negative number indicates about the no. of threads waiting for that particular resource.

    Now talking about the Signal, it basically increases the value by one. (In case of semaphores normally the incrementation or decrementation is by one only.)

    It increases by one when the thread is leaving a resource and other threads are waiting for the same resource. Then it is assigned to the next thread and again decremented. This process goes on till all the threads have the access over the resource one by one.

    Using only these 2 operation semaphores are used in a variety of Embedded systems and softwares requiring working of parallel processes in them.

    If you all found it interesting and want to go in depth. You can have a look at The Little Book of Semaphores

    Significant: Important

    grim: Serious

    Illusion: A false idea or belief

    Seamless: Smooth

    Hinder: Difficult

    Relinquish: To let go