Love or Lust?

Let’s speak on this topic, there is no need to hide and why/what are we hiding?

We all know that there are numerous cases nowadays in which a girl/boy is committing suicide or goes into drinking and other stuff which is making their lives totally vague. What’s the reason? Just being ditched, or a broken heart or can be many other things.

Why were you into that kind of relationship which is just a relation-“shit”. It will just make you negative. Life is having way more things instead of crying over petty things. You need to be selfish sometimes and that’s not bad (trust me) unless it’s breaking someone, find the difference between the genuine ones and others.

Later on, you will realize that everything happened for a reason. If it’s not a gift then it’s a lesson ..

What is love?

  • Love is what a MOTHER do for her CHILD :’)
  • Love is what your father has done throughout just to fulfill your every basic need 🙂
  • Love is that sweet and spicy bond we share with our siblings 😉
  • Love is being yourself with your loved ones instead of pretending to be on no. 1 on his/her list.
  • Love is being a reason behind someone’s smile… (Try doing something for an orphan once, that feeling of happiness is beyond perfect)
  • Love is doing your favorite work and getting awesome blossom results after struggling

Basically, love can’t be explained within few words, sentences or paragraph. It’s a feeling (A pure connection) which is a beautiful phase of life.

And if it’s not the reason behind your happy ending, then it’s not Love. Maybe it’s a fraud, wrong no. (As PK says :p)

So, just don’t go nuts because of any stupid reason. Think about your family and loved ones. You are really important to them and so is your happiness.

They just want to see you smile… Dude! What’s the use of those 32 white teeth (instead of eating :p ) if you are not showing them because of some temporary silly reasons…

So, just eat and say cheese… SMILE 😉

Grow up, guys..  Life is a beautiful gift given by God to each one of us. Make it count. Indulge yourself in the area of your interest and make that lesson a reason behind your will to do something. Get motivated DAILY and you will surely rock one day 🙂

Surround yourself with positive minded people, who understands you and whom you feel comfortable with. There is no need to put a mask on your face to impress someone. Your simplicity is enough for the right person 🙂


P.S: Life is a Beautiful Journey ❤ 


लुधिआना का दीवाना :)

सुबह सवेरे दिन की शुरुआत होती है कसरत से ,

जाने को हैं जगह हज़ार, आइये बात करें इन फूलों से

आ चुके हैं रोज गार्डन जहाँ गाना बजाना सब कुछ है,

सेहत के साथ साथ यहाँ मन बहलाने को बहुत कुछ है ..

अब याद करलें उस रखवाले को जिसने दुनिया बनाई है,

इस धरती पर हम सबने उसके लिए सेज सजाई है..

हिन्दू, मुस्लिम, सिख, ईसाई सब यहां पे भाई हैं,

गोविन्द गोधाम“, “जामा मस्जिद“, “दुखनिवारण“, “हौली क्रॉस चर्चसबने मन में रौनक लगाई है ..

दिन ढला, शाम हुई.. अब घूमने की बारी आई है,

किप्पस मार्किट“, “पवेलियन मॉलने शहर की शोभा बढ़आई है ..

यंगस्टर्स को ख़ास करके ये जगह भाई है,

आईरीओ वाटर फ्रंट की लेक ने लुधिआना की खूबसूरती बढ़आई है ..

भूख लगी है, अब मन में खाने की इच्छा आई है,

नॅचुरल्सपर सब लोगो ने जमके भीड़ लगाई है

ढाबा, रेस्टोरेंट, बुफे हर जगह चर्चा में आई है,

पंडित के परांठेने 24 घंटे दूकान चलाई है..

इस मनोरंजक शहर का सिर्फ आधा हिस्सा इस कविता में समाया है,

पिएयुऔर रख बाघका वर्णन इसमें हो नहीं पाया है..

हार्डिस वर्ल्डऔर टाइगर सफारीने बच्चों का मन लुभाया है,

आइये जानिये खुद से इस शहर ने क्यों दीवाना बनाया है

PS: One for my home town 🙂 I love Ludhiana ❤

Please do like:


God has sent his present,

with chubby and soft cheeks .. 😀

The lady is now a mother,

Her happiness has reached the peak .. ❤

First time the child uttered,

Though, wasn’t that quick ..

Those initials he pronounced,

Has set her expressions sleek (bright) .. 🙂

The time he gets low,

Whenever he felt weak .. 😦

Mother is the solely,

Motivation behind the seek (effort to accomplish something) .. 🙂

Whenever her goes wrong,

Protecting him from the geek ..

Only Mother is the one,

always having a peek (secret look) ..<3

PS: Another Try ❤


A person reached the moon, 😮

Another one on Ground….

A happy moment is,

When your friends are around…. 😉

One loves being Cherished,

No one like to be bound…. :/

My happy place is the one,

Where my F.R.I.E.N.D.S are surround 😀

Looking for Safer places,

Wanna hear familiar sound….

Being with my Friends & Family,

My happiness is found 🙂

The Feeling is beyond heaven,  🙂

It can heal any wound….

Blessed with a loving family,

I am always a princess crowned….  ❤

P.S: Poetic Love ^_^



Less time, More Output!

Hey folks!
Have you ever felt astonished being hearing about persons giving excellence in every work they do. Do you have heard about their schedule of sleeping less and working more? Are you also following the same but not getting the expected result?
Then you are at right place my friends. There can be myriad ways for managing your time, here I am going to annotate an excerpt from the list.
Et Voila!
The factors are mainly a trio:

  • Diet
  • Mental Work
  • Rest

A proper diet is certainly an indispensable thing as having unhygienic food will make you suffer. Stay Healthy, Stay Wealthy 😉

The other vital aspect is one’s mental ability to do work.  Every individual is having 24 hours to get the best out of each day. It just depends upon your Vision, efforts (Hard + Smart work) to be an exception.

Stop yelling, complaining about your situations. Despite just bloom where you are planted 😉

One must exercise daily, meditate to be mentally fit. One can opt for any type like Yoga, Dance, Skipping or anything else.

The last but not the least term is : REST.

Can you imagine working in a worst condition? Will you be able to get a fruitful output in a high fever?

Obviously, No.

A human body demands for Rest. It depends upon the person to make his body be adaptive to certain behaviour.

It won’t be like a click to start waking up around 5 in the morning everyday if your body is in practice of getting up at 7. You have to work gradually by making a habit to reduce your sleeping span. Start waking half an hour before of your regular schedule. Slowly you will notice that your body is getting habitual.

For excelling in any field, the crucial point is to get out of your shell 🙂

Even I am too a passenger yet ….

Good Luck! 🙂






Success Stories of Legends

Hi, my active Readers. This article is about Top Ten success stories of legends. Does anyone understand what these people area unit having in common? Any guesses?
Just one factor which is their perspective that says “I CAN.” All have taken success and failure in correct manner which is the click that worked.

Prime Ten Success Stories of Legends

  1.  Amitabh Bachchan – Legendary Star


One of the effective performing artist in film industry business. He is a real living legend. The one and solely Amitabh Bachchan. His career dragged at the side of along with his production house. His struggles and belief for not letting down things down so easily is simply the key to his success. He was once bankrupt however did not simply let himself fall and shortly got out of this hassle.

It was at this point of his career when KBC series arrived in Asian Country that is INDIA, and soon step by step; he once again made it to the highest. Big B has proved that nothing, not even an easy “desi hair oil.” promotional material advertisement is “beneath.” According to him, the profession respect is solely attained by skills and dedication.

  1.  A.P.J Abdul Kalam – Missile Man


He has served our nation from 2002 to 2007 by being the President of India. He was one and solely, Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam(15th October 1931- 27 July 2015). He is additionally called “Missile Man of India” as a result of his sensible performance in missile development. He was worthy honored with several awards like Bharat Ratna, Padma Vibhushan and lots of additional.

He belonged from a humble background and used to distribute newspapers in his childhood days just for the sake of helping his father with livelihood things.

His way to the destination was his hunger to learn and achieve something prestigious in his life.

He was our eleventh President, and when being through with his scientist job, he started interacting with a number of students and variety of scholars. He had written several motivational quotes and featured books which are worth reading.

  1.  Karoly Takacs – A Hero


You all might be not acquainted with this inspirational star. But in Hungary, he is one of the notorious people. You will love his story once who got to know about him.

In 1938, he was one of the best pistol shooters among Hungary Army. He was also preparing for the gold medal in Olympics 1940. But destiny was against him at that time and just before the day of Olympics; a hand grenade was exploded in his right hand when he was training with his Army squad.

At this point, he got to know that whatever had happened he can’t change it. So he decided to compete with his Only hand- “Left Hand.” His attitude is the sole reason which made him different from the crowd. He just got unseeable while he was training his left hand. Still, things were taking his test as Olympics of 1940 and 1944 got canceled because of World War.

Again he doesn’t lose hope and came for competing in 1948 Olympics at the age of 38 where everyone was surprised that he is here for supporting them even in this condition.

But do you know what his reply was? He said, “I am not here to support, I am here to compete.” There everyone competed with their perfect hand, and you know who one?

The Man with his only hand – Karoly Takacs.

The story doesn’t end here. He won again in 1952 Olympics. That was a really motivational story. If he can do, then every fellow person here can achieve their dreams.

  1.  Sachin Tendulkar – God of Cricket


Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar is one of the greatest batsman ever. He is the only player who has scored hundred centuries and has done with more than 30,000 runs in international cricket which are as huge as to climb a Mount Everest for any other cricketer.

He is fond of playing cricket from his childhood days. He was never good in academic portion, and that’s why he has a short schooling. He decided to get involved in Cricket and finally made his first Test debut at the age of 16 only. He has many achievement records in his life starting with the Arjuna Award, Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna and much more.

  1.  Narendra Modi – Prime Minister


The journey begins from a tea marketer to currently India’s Prime Minister. Wow! Is this success need to be explained?

His positive attitude and therefore the power to fight against negativity is the open door for his success. When he determined to step in politics and step by step he places efforts for being Chief Minister of Gujarat, he has to be compelled to face lots of obstacles in his pathway. Oppositions from many persons within the party and several of other alternative parties were rising one after the other. However, still Modi didn’t hand over, and even with Lack of experience in this field he took the challenge and at last won the elections.

Gradually together with his consistent efforts, he conjures for being the Nation’s Prime Minister.

  1.  Lata Mangeshkar – Nightingale


She is a melody queen of India. She has sung around 50,000 playback songs in the film industry and has given her voice in about 15 different languages.

She is an Idol for almost every fellow who is dreaming of building his/her career in Singing. This legendary lady was born on 28th September 1929.

She has started taking training from her father and later on was trained by many well- known Ustads. Soon after the death of her father, she was helpless and has to work and indulge herself in this profession. Initially, she initiated with this field just for the sake of fulfilling needs of her family, but soon she became the melodious voice of our nation.

  1.  Walt Disney – Cartoonist


You all must be aware of the word – Disney.

Before the time when he got popular, he was making efforts for his living. In his initial days, he got rejected by a newspaper edit with a reason that he is not an imaginative person and is not having required skills.

Later on, he started a company which got failed drastically. As a result, he has to join Ad Campaigns. Soon he started a studio but here also destiny was not his side and he got bankrupted.

No matter what he has been through, the number of obstacles which he has to overcome. He is none other than the creator of Oswald – The Lucky Rabbit and the famous cartoon character ever- “Micky Mouse.”


People were still demotivating him with things like a giant mouse on screens will scare the women, and this character will soon be caught out from the cartoon industry.

But what happened in reality, You all might be knowing about it. Yes, this amazing person was a package full of entrepreneurship skills, cartoonist and what not.

Well, the editor who fired him by giving an invalid reason must be rolling somewhere in his grave.

  1.  Steve Jobs – Zero to Hero


From children to adults to the oldies, everyone is familiar with Apple iPhones. Do you know who is the person behind? None other than Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs with Steve Wozniak (Apple’s Co-founder) and Ronald Wayne together invented Apple Computers in the 1970s. He was always a smart worker. However, he often faced problems because of his co-employees who always complain about his behavior.

Talking about his personal life, he was given for adoption by his legal parents and later been adopted by a couple. He got enrolled in Portland’s Reed College, Oregon but dropped out just after the first semester. But he decided to attend classes while sleeping on floors at his friend’s houses, getting weekly free meals at local Hare Krishna temple, etc.

He is the one who raised the bar by proving fighters are not the Quitters.

  1.  Abraham Lincoln – Leader


He was the 16th President of U.S. magnificently illustrious for his leadership skills and speeches throughout his political life. Talking about his early life, he belongs from a humble background, but soon his father’s business dragged into losses ensuing him to indulge his childhood aborning labor work.

Though not having a great schooling, Abraham was keenly fascinated by reading new stuff. He used to get books from wherever possible and began reading them below street lights in the night. After facing several rejections in his early life, he again got involved with books. According to him, self-study is the sole thing which brings light to your path.

Gradually, thanks to his endless efforts he soon became the President of United States.

  1.  M.S. Dhoni – Captain Cool


The Coolest captain of India’s Cricket team, one and only Mahendra Singh Dhoni. From the formative years of his life, he was keenly inquisitive about soccer and cricket. Later on, he got an offer to play in Ranji Trophy, but somehow he lost that opportunity.

Meanwhile, he started operating in Railways. However, it was his passion and determination for fulfilling his dreams that finally lead him to the highest.

Above is all regarding the short stories of legends. Still wondering about the reason behind their achievements?

Well, it’s nothing else, however, their hunger to learn, belief and positive angle towards life.


Boot-Camp at PTU Nalanda

Wow! I am really excited while giving words to my thoughts 😉

So here the day starts. I along with my team and few more went to PTU Nalanda school of TQM and Entrepreneurship regarding that Tie-B plan competition in which 25 teams were shortlisted. Though I was exhilarated from a few days back and yeah this 1-day camp totally satisfies my expectations.

I got an opportunity to learn tremendous things over there. I got to know about a number of huge personalities over there, they are among successful entrepreneurs, CEO of a company, Director and much more.

The way they (there is a huge list starting with Prof. JPS Sibia, Mr. Hirdesh Madan, Mr. Amulya Shukla and the list goes on describing these great individuals) had interacted with us all and motivated us really ignite a spark in me to do something out of the box.

Some discussed few stories, others started telling about their journeys. It was a session(combo) full of enjoyment, encounter, and learning.

There is much more to write but let’s just sum up here.

It was seriously a wonderful experience for me and now am aiming at the second stage with full enthusiasm.

Though [OT] but,

“preparación de Alimentos era muy bueno”  (Spanish people will get it) :p

P.S: Featured image is one of my favorite motivational quote from today’s session. 🙂